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Every great story has a beginning... Lyle & Scott was founded in 1874, by William Lyle and Walter Scott, who purchased a factory in Hawick, Scotland, with the ambition of making high quality knits and being firm believers of the importance of craftsmanship and innovation. Over the past 147 years the company has grown to be an established menswear brand, famous for creating edited, versatile collections with a quality that can be trusted. In the mid-1950’s, it became a favourite brand in golf apparel.

Today Lyle & Scott is known for providing fashion-led pieces for a confident modern consumer, both women, men, and kids, while remaining true to the brand's rich history. Lyle & Scott is also known for a preppy style, which they have perfected to a more clean-cut and elegantly simple look. Based in the UK, with proud Scottish roots, the brand has successfully flown the flag globally, with the iconic Golden Eagle now very much front and centre on the world stage.


Launched with the brand’s collection of golf wear in the 1960s, the iconic brandmark was inspired by the eagles of Gleneagles golf course, which are unique to Scotland and pay homage to the brand’s roots.

Adorned by titans of the game, the Eagle quickly became an iconic badge and symbol of not having to choose between form and function. Soaring through the 70s and 80s, the Eagle has become a permanent fixture on all garments and is a symbol of both Lyle & Scott’s heritage and the qualities that our customers respect and seek.

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